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2 years ago
title: Constructed languages
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[Yeah][wiki]. So far I only have one language even approaching usability:
* __[Lántas]__ #/laːntas/, which wins the prizes for the longest I've stuck with one language, and the most detailed I've ever got with a single language. It's got _lots_ of noun inflection and a significant amount on verbs too. I was a bit obsessed with Finnish when I first started it, which might be evident. (Not just in the amount of inflection, but also in things like the unmotivated inclusion of clusters like #/ps/ and #/ks/.)
The others have barely anything to them so far.
* __[Tengan]__, or #(tté ŋa) #/tʼɛ˥ ŋɑ˩/, an isolating-ish language with evidentiality and clicks and a featural script (i.e. like Hangul, but not as good).
* __[Zalajmkwély]__ #/zɑlɑɪmkweˈliː/, something initiating from a conlang-in-an-hour challenge thing but then I got kinda attached to it.
[Lántas]: laantas/
[Tengan]: tengan/
[Zalajmkwély]: zalajmkwely/