• 登録日 Jun 10, 2020
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static gallery site generator for niss.website

最終更新 2週間前

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quantitative observational extensional type theory

最終更新 3週間前

yummy.cricket website

最終更新 4週間前

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do not use this, it turns out having this many weak pointers puts too much stress on the garbage collector

最終更新 1ヶ月前

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yet another static site

最終更新 3ヶ月前

not that one, another one. just some reexports from the stdlib

最終更新 3ヶ月前

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conlang website

最終更新 4ヶ月前

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applies ips patches. remember those?

最終更新 5ヶ月前

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fork of https://github.com/bos/filemanip that can look thru symlinks

最終更新 6ヶ月前

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advent of code 2020

最終更新 10ヶ月前

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forked from https://github.com/diagrams/svg-builder

最終更新 12ヶ月前

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vim syntax highlighting for beluga

最終更新 1年前