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Idris 2 Elaborator Reflection : Utilities and Documentation

Utilities and documentation for exploring Idris 2 elaborator reflection. For a tutorial-ish introduction, start here.

Part of the utilities in this package as well as some of my understanding of elaborator reflection in Idris came from the idris2-elab-deriving package.

Docs and Tutorial

Most tutorial pages in this repository are themselves literate Idris files. In order to typecheck or build those, package file elab-util-docs.ipkg is provided.

Part of the utilities in this package are put to work in idris2-sop a (still very experimental and incomplete) port of Haskell's sop-core and generic-sop packages useful to automatically derive interface implementations.

Supported Idris Versions

Starting from Idris2 version 0.5.1, tagged releases of the same minor version number (e.g. 0.5.x) will be made available, while the main branch keeps following the Idris2 main branch

The latest commit has been built against Idris 2 of version set in the .idris-version file. This file contains a version in the format which git describe --tags gives.